Countdown to Kindergarten

countdownBallet moves Kingergarteners!
BYB is excited to take part in Fayette County Public School’s Annual “Countdown to Kindergarten.” Each summer children that have registered for kindergarten with FCPS have the opportunity to attend a variety of fun, free, and educational activities through the “Countdown to Kindergarten” Program.

Join BYB on July 15 from 10-11:30 am for a free 40-minute ballet class, demonstration and activity. Registration is required. Call 271-4472 or email

Click here for a full listing of C2K events.  To attend all programs – take the voucher located on your Family Guide to Kindergarten to any branch of the Lexington Public Library and pick up a Countdown to Kindergarten T-shirt for your kindergartener.  The t-shirt serves as their entry ticket into all the events. 

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  1. Sandra Fuller says:

    I would like to register Rebecca Smith for Countdown to Kindergarten on July 15th. Thank you

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