BYB Spotlight: Moms & Daughters – Delgados


Our next BYB spotlight is Elsa Delgado and her mom, Teresa.  Elsa has been dancing with BYB since 2006, and is currently in Level G.  She trains with BYB six days a week and is a very dedicated dancer!

The Delgados are part of our work-study program, which Adalhi started in 2005 and is an integral component of BYB. We’re honored to have such wonderful deserving families participate in what we consider to be a program that is an important reflection of our mission: to enhance the lives of all youth through dance.

As you can see from the smiles, Elsa and her mom love being part of the BYB family.

Interview With Teresa and Elsa Delgado

The interview was conducted with Elsa and her mom, Teresa, with Elsa translating for her mom. 

What are your first memories of dance?


My oldest sister Karla had gotten a Barbie movie and there was a lot of dancing in it.  I remember we watched it over and over again.  I knew then that I wanted to dance. 


She was always dancing throughout the house…in the kitchen, in the dining room, everywhere!

How did you hear about BYB?  


My mom searched the internet for dance schools in Lexington and found BYB.  That was in 2006 when I was about 4 years old. Because my mom doesn’t speak much English, Karla came with us to enroll me in class. 


While Karla was doing the paperwork, Elsa was to the side dancing and twirling.  A woman who was standing there asked how long Elsa had been dancing with BYB.  Karla had to explain that she was enrolling her and she hadn’t had any classes yet! Elsa was so excited to get to take ballet. 

What part of Mexico are you from originally?   


We’ve been in the U.S. for 14 years and we came here from Aguascalientes, which in the very middle of Mexico.  I’ve always loved dancing!  In Mexico, I did a lot of traditional folk dancing.

How long have you been part of the work-study program.  How has it been a good fit for your family?


We’ve been part of the work-study program for four years. It’s a good fit, because I can come here on my day off from my job to do the work.

I didn’t know the program existed, but I found out about it the day that I was going to have to tell Adalhi that Elsa couldn’t come anymore.  I was so happy for Elsa that she could continue dancing. I’m very thankful for all the benefits that we’ve received here.

What is your favorite part about dancing at BYB?


My favorite part of dancing at BYB are the performances. They’re really fun!  The rehearsals are tiring, but they push me to be the best I can be.

Do you have any special memories of dancing or being part of the BYB family that you’d like to share?


One of the best memories that I have is when my three sisters danced with BYB for a Day of the Dead hispanic culture class. They were all in costume and it was fun to see them dance, and then to get to dance with them at the end. That’s one of my favorite memories, because we got to be together here at BYB and it was so much fun.

How has dance benefited you?  


Dance has really helped me develop self-discipline.  It’s gotten my confidence up and my self esteem up.   At school, I felt really shy.  But, at BYB, I feel that I can really communicate all my emotions through dancing. I feel really good here.

Dancing has helped me mature and helped me learn to prioritize and focus and get my school work done so that I can dance. BYB has been like my second home. I love being here with all of the friends I have here.  They’re all very nice and I’m very close to all of them.


Elsa is always motivated to come every single day and she’s very determined about dance. I’ll think, well, maybe Elsa will miss class tonight, but she never does.  It never happens. 

She doesn’t waste any time, and she achieves her goals in school, so she can focus on dancing.  It’s been very good for her, because Elsa gets very good grades and gets lots of awards.  I’m very proud of her and I’m very happy that she has the opportunity to come here and dance. 

Elsa, do you have any idea of what you’d like to do when you grow up? What BIG dreams do you have for yourself?

I know that ballet isn’t always going to be in my life. And, I know that I would like to do something else besides dance.  But, I’d like to be a professional dancer until I’m about 25. Then, I’ll see what else is next.