BYB Spotlight: Photographer Keith House

Keith AdThis BYB Spotlight features Keith House. Keith is BYB’s resident photographer! He plays an important role in every BYB performance, though he will not be seen on the stage. He may be heard in the audience clicking and snapping his camera! Keith’s photos provide a visual history of Bluegrass Youth Ballet’s shows! He has impeccable timing when it comes to capturing dancers at their best! It’s certainly no easy task taking action shots!

Keith also takes photos for BYB’s website, and for printed promotional materials. BYB is very grateful for Keith’s desire to share his passion for photography! It’s a win win situation, as Keith has the opportunity to photograph dance, among many of his other photography interests, and BYB’s performances can be preserved through beautiful photos.

Keith, thank you for your dedication to photographing BYB…No Dream is Too BIG!

Interview with Keith House

Have you always loved photography? How did you get into this?

I started getting interested in photography in high school. My father had a Nikon 35mm camera that I thought was a beautiful tool. He bought a Pentax camera for me to use and over time I added some additional lenses to expand my capabilities. During spring, fall, and Christmas breaks I would spend time in the darkroom perfecting my print making skills. I took photos for the school newspaper… games, tennis matches, cross country, and theater.

I continued to pursue photography in college but my projects became more documentary in nature.

Besides BYB dancers, what’s your favorite subject? 

I am a photojournalist at heart. I love telling a story through photographs. Over the years I have done photography projects depicting the demise of the family owned farm and the small family owned store – the neighborhood grocery store, drug store, hardware store, etc.. In a sense many of my photographs are anthropological in nature….they depict ways of life that no longer exist in most parts of our country.

What have you not photographed, that is still on your list? Place? Subject matter? Technique you want to master? 

Nature photography has never been a “focus” of mine….almost all of my photographs include people. I would like to take some trips centered around photography as my primary goal….maybe to the desert southwest or the northeast USA.

I would encourage young people to pursue their dreams early in life and practice their craft…..there is always someone out there who has the same dream and they are working hard to accomplish that dream.

You are a former #balletdad, as you have two daughters and they both danced at BYB, is that correct? Tell us about them. How long did they dance and what are they doing now? 

Yes, both Victoria and Olivia danced at BYB and loved the experiences they had while there. They both danced through their high school years and Victoria achieved a GSA scholarship and danced well into her college years. They both attend Northern Kentucky University. Victoria will graduate this spring and is already working full time as Social Media Coordinator for the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Olivia is very involved in photography already and has a great eye for composition.

You are so generous to BYB! We appreciate the greatly reduced fees for your time and talent. What’s the best part of being a member of the BYB family?

Working closely with the BYB family has given me the opportunity to create and develop valued friendships. I have enjoyed being involved in BYB’s growth over the years and look forward to what the future might hold.