Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Bluegrass Youth Ballet engages and inspires youth by providing access to the art of dance throughout our community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have enhanced recognition, awareness, and the accompanying financial support from businesses, community partners, and schools in order to provide equal access to dance opportunities for all youth in Lexington and surrounding counties, with a special emphasis on outreach to disadvantaged or marginalized youth. We will create an atmosphere of positivity and diversity among staff and students, with a focus on pre-professional ballet training that minimizes competitive culture. Our success will be dependent on the focused leadership of a fully invested board of directors (formed from parents, community leaders, and student alumni) aligned with an artistic director dedicated to creating innovative dance experiences, and a professional administrative director. Together with a dedicated staff, all share a common vision and goal, delivered collaboratively and consistently with enthusiasm and efficiency.

Core Values

We are a safe place that creates community through discipline, quality instruction & impactful performances…where youth inspires youth and, everyone has access.

Expectations of the Art Form:

Dance is an art discipline that, by itself, will educate students in a variety of ways. Bluegrass Youth Ballet believes that the arts in general are a source of well-being. Dancers will benefit from this art discipline by improving their:

  • Self-esteem and self-respect
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Ability to resolve problems
  • Memorization skills

At BYB, dancers of all ages will be taught to interact and respect themselves, as well as other dancers, and their instructors. These are skills that are essential for life!

Dancers have a better understanding of their bodies, and they will gain better stamina, body control, and muscle tone. Dance increases coordination and improves musicality. Dance is an art, but dancers are also athletes!

Expectations of our Students:

  • To conduct themselves with their best behavior and manners and to adhere to BYB Rules & Policies
  • To give 110% effort
  • To focus their energies on themselves instead of comparing themselves to other dancers. (Doing so avoids a competitive environment)
  • To maintain the required level of commitment
  • To avoid negative comments about other people
  • To respect each other’s person and personal belongings
  • To attend class regularly and to be on time