Spring 2021


The Spring 2022 Schedule will be sent out via our Parent Portal to our Registered BYB families during the late Fall 2021 semester and open to the public soon after. Please check back to the website for more information at that time. Thank you!

New families can still complete Registration  in Fall 2021 for the Spring 2022 Semester.

Our program’s placements are determined by technique, physical development, current age development, and experience with our curriculum. While age is a consideration for placement, our highly experienced and quality educated faculty place students where they will be most successful in dance with physical, emotional, and social health at highest priority. We are not a competitively driven environment. We are a quality instruction and appropriately developed, driven environment.

We require new students (or returning after time off) age 8 and up, to complete an evaluation with one of our staff members before enrolling. You can contact the studio for an appointment.

Please review our website information prior to registering and enrolling, if you have not had the chance. We look forward to sharing our love of dance with you this year!

Register: Complete the registration form as a first time student/family and set up your Parent Portal.

Enroll: Select classes for the upcoming year. You can only enroll if you are registered.